5.01 MD-MMSc or MD-Master of Discipline Programs

In certain programs, HMS medical students are permitted to pursue a master’s degree as part of a five-year combined MD-Master’s Degree program. See Section 2.06 for a description of full-time status during the Master’s year.  Other descriptions and requirements may be found in the HMS Medical School handbook.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

During the years in which the student is enrolled in the MD program, all policies related to tuition, fees, and financial aid for medical students will apply.  During the year in which the student is enrolled in the Master’s program, the Master’s tuition and fees policy will apply and financial aid, if any, will be determined based upon the student’s financial aid profile in the medical student program.  Prospective students should discuss any questions with the Master’s program and the HMS Office for Financial Aid.  More information is available in the Medical Student handbook in Section 5.04.