1.02 Master’s Degree Students at Harvard Medical School

Master's degree students at Harvard Medical School are enrolled in post-baccalaureate and/or post-doctoral programs for the purposes of earning an academically-focused Master’s degree. Master’s degree students at HMS do not have any clinical responsibilities or obligations and are not insured by HMS for the provision of clinical care in any clinical setting. Clinical care cannot be provided by HMS Master’s degree students under the auspices of the Medical School.

Some Master’s degree students will, while enrolled at HMS, also be licensed clinical care providers with medical or other clinical staff appointments in HMS’s affiliated hospitals or other clinical settings.  In such cases, all clinical activities will be performed under the auspices of the medical/clinical staff appointment provided by the clinical setting.  Master’s students must not present themselves as acting on behalf of HMS when providing care to patients under the auspices of their clinical staff appointment.  Furthermore, any Master’s student whose mentored research or capstone project involves human subjects should take particular care to separate the conduct of the research project with any clinical care that may be provided by the clinical setting that is incident to that research.