10.12 Transportation Services

HMS Transportation Guide

For directions to clinical sites and other Harvard affiliates, please refer to the HMS Transportation Information site.  See Section 7.03, Transportation Policy.

HMS Parking Office

The Parking Office, located at 180 Longwood Avenue, maintains and operates parking facilities for faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the Harvard Longwood Campus. These resources are extremely limited and are managed through a permitting system that is designed to optimize their use in a safe, efficient, and equitable manner. For more information please visit http://hms.harvard.edu/departments/campus-planning-and-facilities/campus-operations/commuter-services-and-parking.

Parking for Students

Parking spaces for students at Harvard Medical School are limited. Because more students sign up for parking than slots are available, a committee composed of the Executive Board of the HMS/HSDM Student Council has determined a fair process for allocating these slots:

  1. Priority is given to third, fourth, and fifth-year medical and dental students because of seniority and their need to travel to and from the Harvard Longwood Campus for clinical rotations.
  2. Further priority is then given to third and fourth-year students who live in Vanderbilt Hall, because students who live in off-campus apartments have at least some chance of parking at their place of residence.
  3. Students who have been allocated a parking slot for a given academic year will have the option to renew that slot for the following academic year and annually thereafter until the time of graduation.
  4. Slots that are not renewed or that open when a student graduates will be allotted to students meeting the above criteria who are on the waiting list for a parking space.

The Parking Office maintains the waiting list. The Parking Office can be reached at 617-432-1111. Students will be charged the full monthly rate for parking. Students who do not receive a slot at the Harvard Longwood Campus but require a space to house a car may apply for a slot at the Soldiers Field Park Parking Garage in Allston, on the campus of the Harvard Business School. This Garage is within walking distance of the Longwood Area Shuttle Bus stop at Harvard Square. Contact the Harvard University Parking Office at 617-496-7827.

LMA Harvard Medical School Shuttle (M2)

MASCO manages the Harvard Medical School shuttle, which runs between the Longwood Medical Area (LMA) and Harvard University in Cambridge. This service is free to all students, faculty, and staff; you must show your Harvard ID card to access this service. For others, tickets for the Harvard M2 shuttle can be bought at the HMS Parking Office or at the cashier’s office at Smith Campus Center in Cambridge. The M2 schedule is available at the parking office, the Information Office at Smith Campus Center Arcade, and the security desk at Vanderbilt Hall. Please go to https://www.masco.org/lma-shuttles/routes for more information.

Zip Car

Harvard Medical School has a limited number of hybrid Zipcars available in the Palace Parking lot between 180 and 164 Longwood Avenue. Harvard faculty, staff, students, post-docs and others working in the Longwood area are eligible to receive a discount on Zipcar memberships by signing up at http://www.zipcar.com/crimson/.